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The tests

To book your theory test

You'll need a valid UK provisional driving licence and a credit or debit card.  Then you can either:

* Book online at ​​

* Call 0300 200 1122

To book your practical test

Once you have your pass certificate number you can:

* Book online at

* Call 0300 200 1122

The theory test - what to take
Remember to take your:
* Photocard licence
The practical test - things to remember
Don't forget:
* Theory test certificate
* Photocard licence
The test itself will consist of:
* Eyesight test - reading a number plate from a distance of either 20m or 20.5m [depending on the plate]
* A 'Tell me' safety check question on items like tyres, brakes, fluid levels, lights, indicators and horns
* Answering  'Show me' questions while driving
* Independent driving for 20 minutes  
* Following directions from a sat nav
* 1 reversing manoeuvre
To pass the test...
​​You can make up to 15 minor faults [things like signalling too early/late or brusing the pavement when stopping].  One serious or dangerous fault will result in an automatic fail.  Serious faults include being unable to complete a manoeuvre or doing something that's either potentially or actually dangerous.  A dangerous fault is one that endangers yourself, your passenger, or anyone else on or off the road.
Useful links...
* Car Show me tell me questions
* Everything for the learner driver
* Theory test pro - take a free test here


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